Why Should You Get Professional Jewelry Repairs?

Jewelry made from precious metals and gemstones can last a lifetime with proper care. However, you might notice broken prongs on your wedding band setting or a missing clasp on a necklace or bracelet. When this happens, getting professional jewelry repairs provides several benefits compared to DIY or amateur fixes. Here's why you should consult a jeweler when your favorite pieces become damaged. 

Lack of Damages

Jewelry repairs may involve sanding, sawing, or clamping various parts of damaged pieces. Without professional handling, these tools and equipment can scratch or dent precious metals. Additionally, sharp equipment and impacts may cause gemstones to loosen or chip. A trained jeweler can perform repairs carefully, without leaving tool marks. 

Additionally, if the repair involves the use of adhesive to glue parts together or cleaning solutions to remove grime or tarnish, they'll apply gentle products that will not corrode the metals or discolor the stones. In addition to keeping your pieces beautiful, this can preserve their integrity and value.

Use of Proper Tools     

Professional jewelers use metalsmithing tools, such as pliers, needle files, and bench pins. These tools permit them to replace missing prongs on engagement ring settings, repair broken necklace chains, or replace lost gemstones. They also use magnifying visors and binoculars that allow them to see details up close and perform repairs accurately. The use of proper tools ensures that they'll restore your piece correctly the first time. 

High Quality & Lasting Results

DIY repairs are quick solutions that typically do not address underlying problems. This puts the piece at risk of breaking or becoming damaged again soon after the amateur fix. Professional jewelers can diagnose the root cause of the issue and provide durable replacement parts to ensure the repairs last many years.

 Additionally, they have the expertise to match metals exactly, select complementary replacement parts, and size gemstones correctly. This often results in beautiful restorations that make it appear as though the piece was never damaged. 


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