Picking the Perfect Wedding Ring

You have your perfect engagement ring.  Now it's time to select your prefect wedding ring.

Things to consider... 

1. Do you want you and your fiance's wedding rings to have matching styles and metals?

    2. Consider the wedding ring's design. 
    Do you prefer classic? 



    or Antique?

    3) Will you choose only diamonds in your wedding band? 

    Or, will you consider gemstones for a more unique wedding band option? 

    4) How many wedding rings will you have? One band?

    Two bands?
    Many brides are choosing to wear a wedding band on both sides of their engagement ring. These bands can be soldered together or made into an insert to keep them from spinning. Another wedding band jewelry trend is stackable wedding bands. These bands can be purchased all at once or one by one for special occasions such as anniversaries.

    5) Do you want an exact match to the engagement ring? 

    Or, how about something completely custom? 

    Though this design might not be for everyone - consider a custom designed wedding band.  We can make a custom wedding band to match your engagement ring or something completely unique. 

    6) Give yourself 3-6 months before the wedding to start looking for and trying on rings. 

    If designing custom, there may be a week that we will need your engagement ring to make the matching band. So, consider your schedule of showers and other parties when you will want to wear your engagement ring.

    7)Consider your lifestyle... 

    If you are active be sure to select a ring style that will stand up to your active lifestyle. 

    If your work requires wearing gloves - consider a ring that won't break through a glove.  Or, select the ring you love  and then a second band to wear to work. 

    8) To Solder or Not to Solder?

    That is the question every bride is asked. 
    Sometimes you may want to be able to wear your wedding band alone.  But two rings worn next to each other will cause a lot of wear and tear on a ring. 

    Consider soldering your set together and choosing a plain band to wear on occasions you don't want to wear your engagement ring.
    Stop in today and we will be happy to assist you in your wedding ring selection.