Jewelry Polishing vs. Cleaning

Original Ring:

Cleaning Process:
Cleaning your jewelry removes the dirt and grime from daily wear.

First, the jewelry is soaked in the ultrasonic to loosen dirt and oil. Then, it is steamed to remove any remaining dirt. Klass Jewelers offers FREE cleaning everyday.
Cleaned Ring:

Polishing Process:
Polishing removes scratches and restores the original shine to the gold or platinum jewelry.
 polishing rouge

Each piece is polished three times using three different polishing compounds, called polishing rouge.

Every surface of each piece needs to be polished. 

Next the piece is dipped in the ultrasonic to remove the polishing rouge. 
ultrasonic polishing

Then, the piece is rhodium plated and steamed. 
rhodium plated steamed            Full polishing and cleaning as a charge between $20-$45 depending on the type of metal. 

Finished Ring!
cleaned and polished ring