How a Ring is Sized

  1. Our jeweler first measures the ring to determine the current ring size. 

  2. Then, using a gauge, he determines how much metal must be removed to achieve the desired ring size.

  3. Using a jeweler's saw, the required amount of gold is expertly removed.

  4. With the help of a special pliers, our jeweler carefully bends the edges of the shank back together.

  5. A piece of solder is wedged in the split in the shank. 

  6. To protect the gemstones from the heat of the torch, the ring is dipped in a solution of boric acid and alcohol. 

  7. The piece is melted entirely throughout the seam.

  8. Our jeweler allows the ring to cool to room temperature. Then the piece is put into a pickle solution to remove the boric acid and flux.

  9. The solder is filed down to be even with the rest of the shank.

  10. Our jeweler then will clean up the inside of the ring shank.

  11. He places the ring on the mandrel to round the shape and check the size. 

  12. All stones are then checked.

  13. Finally the ring will be polished and cleaned in the ultrasonic.