Catch This!


The way a necklace is fastened together is with a catch, also known as a clasp. There are many types of clasps, below we will feature our most popular.


Spring Ring:

The spring ring catch is the most popular catch. There is a gold ring at one end of the chain called a jump ring. The spring ring is attached to the other side of the chain. A tiny lever is pulled back revealing an opening. The jump ring slides through the opening and once the lever is released the necklace will be clasped together. A second jump ring can be installed 2” from the end of the chain to allow for versatility of length. The most popular is an 18” chain with a jump ring installed 2” in to allow for a 16” length option.


Lobster Clasp:

The lobster clasp works just like the spring ring; however, the lobster clasp is more elongated and the lever is easier to pull open.

Lobster Catch

Barrel Clasp:

Many people like a barrel clasp because it’s a two-part clasp. First the tongue is inserted into the barrel which locks in place then an extra safety clasp called a figure 8 safety clasp secures the clasp from the outside.

Barrel Clasp

Adjustable Clasp:

Our bestselling necklace! The adjustable clasp is available on the popular Box, Rope and Cable Link chains along with a few of the less known chains such as Spiga, Wheat and Singapore. The clasp is a lobster with an added feature – a specially designed ball that the chain slides through. Simply hold the ball and pull the tab to adjust the length of the chain. Chains are available in 22” or 30” and then each can be adjusted to the desired length. The extra chain lays down the wearer's back for an elegant look.

Adjustable Clasp

Magnetic Clasp:

A magnetic clasp attaches to a spring ring or lobster clasp. This is a great option for people that have difficulty operating a clasp. Simply pull the ends of the chains to release the magnet; however, this is not the most secure option and we don't suggest this catch for your fine jewelry.

Megnetic Clasp

Filigree Pearl Clasp:

Pearls require a special clasp to allow the pearl string to be fastened. One end of the clasp is an elongated hook which is secured around a metal bar in the clasp and then slides into the filigree side to lock in place. To release, simply press down on the tab on the hook which will allow the hook to slide out and then unsecure it from the bar.

Pearl Clasp

Fancy Pearl Clasp:

A fancy pearl clasp usually works the same way as a filigree pearl clasp. Fancy clasps can be made of all gold or platinum (sometimes silver) or have diamonds and gemstones.

Fancy Pearl Clasp