13 Things you should know about how to care for your fine jewelry.


If you received a gift of fine jewelry you may be wondering how to care for your new gorgeous jewelry.

General Fine Gold Jewelry Care
1) Storage
Keep your jewelry stored separately in a clean dry place.
Keeping your jewelry in a fabric-lined jewelry pouch or in a jewelry box with compartments or dividers will prevent the stones and jewelry from scratching.
Another storage option for your jewelry is placing it individually in small sealable bags. When placing a chain in a bag, fasten the clasp and leave about 1” out of the bag to prevent tangling.

2) Hand Washing 
Soap residue can remain on your fine jewelry after washing your hands. Taking extra care to rinse away any residual soap residue will keep your diamonds and gemstones sparkling.  Take extra care if you choose to remove your jewelry as it can easily be misplaced or slide into the sink. 

3) Professional Cleaning
We recommend having your jewelry professionally cleaned by Klass Jewelers once a year at which time we will also inspect you jewelry for any repair work it may need. 

4) Daily Cleaning
Wipe your jewelry clean with a soft damp cloth at the end of the day and before storing it. This will remove dirt, oils, soap residue and lotions. 

5) Home Cleaning Machines
We do not recommend using a home ultra-sonic machine. The vibration from these machines can loosen stones requiring a professional diamond/gemstone setter to tighten them or possibly resulting in losing stone(s). 

6) Rough & Laborious Work
We recommend removing your fine jewelry when doing any rough or laborious work including weight training and gardening. Heavy lifting can result in nicking, scratching and even misshaping a ring. 

7) Beauty Products
We recommend applying all cosmetics - hairspray, lotions and perfume - prior to putting on your fine jewelry. 

8) Household Cleaners
We recommend removing your fine jewelry before using household cleaners, especially bleach, to prevent them from being exposed to harsh chemicals. Hand sanitizer can be harsh on gold jewelry as well. 

9) Pools & Spas
Chlorine can damage your fine jewelry. It can react to the alloys in the gold.  More porous stones can absorb these chemicals and become discolored. 

10) Inspect Your Fine Jewelry
Look for pulled or worn prongs, misshapen rings, and loose stones. If any problems are found, discontinue wearing and bring into Klass Jewelers to have it inspected. 

11) Diamonds
Though the diamond is the strongest of all stones, it is not indestructible. A diamond can chip. A diamond is precious and should be cared for accordingly. 

12) Colored Gemstones
Most colored gemstones are treated and require special care. Following the above general guidelines will help keep your colored gemstones in good condition. 

13) Pearls
We recommend cleaning pearls with mild soap and warm water.  Pearls are especially vulnerable to chemicals. Avoid hairspray, perfumes and chemicals with your pearls.

Enjoy wearing your new fine jewelry!