Top 2 Diamond Choices for Engagement Rings

One of the most important decisions in an engagement ring purchase is deciding on the shape of the diamond. The shape of the diamond determines how the facets of the diamonds are cut - ultimately affecting the brilliance and sparkle. Every diamond, regardless of shape, gets its brilliancy by cutting and polishing the diamond facets. Different shaped diamonds require different cuts.  Here are the top 3 diamond engagement diamond choices:

round brilliant cut diamond

#1 Round Brilliant Cut
The round brilliant cut has withstood the test of time - classic and beautiful, and still the most popular. The G.I.A. has done extensive research on round diamonds - on what angle a facet should be cut to get the most brilliance, fire and scintillation out of a diamond. Many customers choose the round brilliant cut diamond for its versatility. 

#2 Princess Cut Diamond
The second most popular diamond cut for engagement rings is the princess cut. This square, modern shaped diamond gives off most of the same brilliance and sparkle of a round. The more square rather than rectangular shape is usually more desired. The princess cut diamond is very versatile and many choose it for their engagement diamond for its modern look.

There is much more to consider when selecting an engagement diamond beyond the shape. Having knowledge and information about diamonds will make the selection experience a positive one. Klass Jewelers wants to make choosing a diamond an enjoyable experience. Consumers can browse our online store for engagement rings or give us a call 859-525-7500- we will be happy to discuss the 4c’s - cut, color, clarity & carat.