Custom Dial Watches make the perfect presentation item for your company or organization. Our experienced art department will work with you to create an exceptional custom dial that you will be proud to wear. We offer Multi-color or Die-Struck options!

Multi-color Dials of corporate and award logos can be produced on almost any of our watches. We can print up to 7 colors on a watch dial to create a stunning image. 
We can help you choose the right model, based upon the available dial space for printing and the size and complexity of your corporate or award logo. This type of imprinting is more intricate.

You can create a stunning specialty watch with just one color:

multi color dial            multi color dial


Multi-Color Imprints.
We can print up to seven colors on a dial. Shades of the same color are considered separate colors. We cannot print gradients or screens, only solid colors.

multi color imprints            multi color imprints      


Die-Struck Medallion Dials are a great choice when intricacy of detail and extreme high quality are required, a Die-Struck Medallion Dial is your most elegant choice. The end result is a beautiful presentation piece of outstanding quality and value.

When producing a Die-Struck Medallion Dial, we pay very careful attention to the dial background surface to make it extremely smooth and matte. The raised embossed logo is then carefully shaped and hand-polished to a high gloss finish to allow for maximum contrast against the smooth matte background. The end result is a Medallion dial of incredible quality, and a watch that will provide your customer with many years of trouble-free wear and satisfaction

Standard Finish
All pricing is based upon a standard finish Champagne or Silver dial.

die struck medallion dial            die struck medallion dial



Color Imprints
Color imprints can be added to the dial. We can even add color to the entire background of the dial.

color imprint            color imprint

Diamond Accents
We can place one or more genuine diamonds on your dial.

diamond accents

Intricate Detailing
If your artwork requires extra special attention to fine details, we can provide special finishing that will achieve the look you want.

intricate detailing            intricate detailing

Stop in to our store, or give us a call: 859-525-7500 to speak with one of our watch design experts!