3 Reasons to Patron a Local Jeweler

Whether you’re looking for something small to celebrate a special occasion or are thinking about proposing, you have several options when looking for a jeweler. With a mix of big brand stores and local jewelers, it can be challenging to decide where you should spend your money. Before you select the perfect piece of jewelry, consider the following three benefits of shopping local.

What Are the Benefits of Shopping at a Local Jeweler?

1.  High-Quality Pieces

Local jewelry stores aren’t worried about stock for other chain stores, so it allows them to better control the quality of the pieces in their displays. The pieces that appear in independent stores typically offer a more unique design and feature premium metals and gems because they have the final decision on where they obtain their goods from. This also enables you to customize the pieces you want, whether it’s the type of metal, cut of the gemstone, or the setting. Klass Jewelers offers an onsite shop with a skilled jewelry staff having over 195 years of combined experience. 

2. Get a Better Deal

Since local jewelers have more control over the pieces they are selling, you will have an easier time finding a superior piece within your budget. The professionals will work to understand your budget and jewelry wants, adjusting settings, gemstone cuts, or metal types to help you get the piece you want at your price. They also don’t have additional or hidden costs to pay like chain stores, who may drive up jewelry prices to cover marketing or flagship property leases.

3. Support the Local Economy

When you patron a local business, you are not only giving sales to someone in your town, you’re helping support a family that is part of your community. Independent jewelers strive to provide for their surrounding community not only through their service but by bolstering the economy through taxes and employing other local residents.


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, visit Klass Jewelers in Florence, KY. For the last 4 decades, these professionals have helped you celebrate the small moments in life with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and more, as well as custom creations. To learn more about their inventory, visit them online or call (859) 525-7500.